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Tokita Bethune

A straightforward service and portfolio website for a local corporate event management company. A considerable update in both design and functionality for a long time client, featuring an image-centric design and better manageability and viewability for their event and client galleries.

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Pets ZX

An eCommerce website for the PetZsX brand of dog and cat supplement products. Dual themes for integration with the Fusion CMS system and the BigCommerce platform, essentially two sites on two servers with a single design, utilizing Vue reactivity and a number of API calls between the two platforms for a seamless customer experience.

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Hatton Marine

A new catalog site for an industrial marine engine and generator repair and installation shop. Main goals for this project included featuring more content all-around and a way for potential clients and customers to view information on their engine and generator offerings. Featuring a custom-built Vue and PHP catalog filtering page to allow a multi-step inclusive and exclusive filtering experience.

Site is currently awaiting final launch and not yet live for public viewing.

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Bearcopter is hosted on a salt-of-the-earth Ubuntu server, and powered by efelle's awesome Fusion framework and content management system. The Bearcopter theme is based off efelle's basic Oxygen theme, and the software license was provided pro bono. now serves primarily as my personal portfolio site, and as a blank canvas to just screw around with.

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SciLife Biosciences

An e-commerce site featuring nutraceuticals and health/aging information. Integrates with BigCommerce for product catalog and checkout. Main site styles and informational pages built on Fusion, with collaboration from another efelle developer for integration with BigCommerce store features.

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The Dental Files

A resource directory for dentists, dentist offices and dental professionals for posting and finding jobs. A complex and involved website integrating different user types and a myriad of permissions settings per user, as well as integrating Stripe as an automated subscription service, and allowing users to register, login, subscribe and create/edit their profiles and view the directory without any intervention of site administrators.

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Neko Seattle

Neko Seattle is a local cat cafe, where patrons can get a drink and hang out with some adoptable cats. The project was spearheaded by another one of our team's front end developers, but after his departure, I spent significant time cleaning up a lot of the code and making site loading improvements. One major improvement was the addition of the loading splash screen to allow some of the custom non-web fonts to load in the background before the page is ready to display.

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Stokes Lawrence

The Stokes Lawrence law firm has been a long time efelle client, and they were finally ready to move forward with a modern site redesign. Moving the site from version 4 of our framework to our new and flexible Fusionv5 framework was... liberating. The site design is straightforward and professional. One of the key focuses of their design was to improve the site accessibility and bring it up to ADA standards.

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Professional Resource Network 365

PRN365 is another directory site, focused on "Providing easy access to social service resources for professionals and their clients." Users can register and create profiles as well as view other professionals, depending on the level that the user is subscribed to. The site also integrates with Stripe for automatic subscriptions, members can be searched for via a number of filters, as well as by distance to an address.

This site is currently in development and is not yet live for viewing...

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Kirkland Land Care

Focusing on a clean visual theme, the design for this local landscaping agency features many transitioning page elements and images, as well as offset and overlapping design pieces.

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Loreah Jane Photography is a personal portfolio website for a portrait photographer. Principal design was done by Sydne Streich, with primary CSS and HTML structure and styling by a third-party agency. My responsibility was porting that structure over to a dynamic FusionCMS website from the static pages that were given back to us.

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Rogers Towers Law

Rogers Towers Law was the last project I worked on with version 4 of efelle's Fusion content management system and framework. The design is a pretty standard no-nonsense style that's pretty common for law firms, and the rest of the structure followed Fusion's system fairly well. 

The real headache came from the interactive map at the bottom of the home page and on the main office locator page.

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NaturoMedica is a naturopathic healthcare provider based in Issaquah, and a long time client of efelle. For this redesign (by the talented Ariana Zukowski), the client wanted a cleaner site with simpler, quieter colors and a full-width layout. While the initial build went fairly smooth, we experienced a lot of problems after finding that the client's content structure didn't quite fit with the designs that were originally presented and built for. because of this, the site went through a number of modifications to make detail pages more modular and easily editable.

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City Seamless Gutters

A fairly straightforward informational site for a company in the Southwest specializing in seamless rain gutters, the main feature of the site is location finder, deciding a state by the user's ZIP code and plotting the nearest locations on a map. Each location detail is meant to act as a landing page for those specific service areas, displaying either default or location-specific text in the relevant content areas.

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Churchill's Steakhouse

Located in Spokane, Churchill's Steakhouse is a local legend, and was in dire need of a redesign that matched the quality of their restaurant. Development of this site included formatting menu pages and integrating their reservation system, as well as developing their brand new sister ecommerce site,

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Draken International

Draken International is a contract air services company that provides support and training for private and military customers. They originally came to efelle for a redesign for a static website with no CMS integration, however they found after the fact that they needed the capabilities of a content management system. This project involved adapting a codebase for static pages from a third party design house into our own framework.

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D.A. Burns Carpet Cleaners

Working with a well-known and trusted company like D.A. Burns was a real treat. Being able to adapt their older aging site into a newly updated framework and design was a great privilege, and was a wonderful exercise in optimizing page loading speeds for a design and content that relied heavily on images. 

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